What should the machining center pay attention to

There are many problems that large-scale machining plants need to pay attention to in machining, such as the safety production requirements of large-scale machining plants, the processing process regulations of large-scale machining plants, the technical requirements that should be observed in machining, and so on. There are many problems that need to be paid attention to in machining process. What are the specific aspects?

CNC machining problems needing attention

(1) When the workpiece is too high, it shall be roughened with knives of different lengths, and then the remaining materials shall be removed with a small knife.

(2) The flat bottom knife should be used when machining the plane, which can effectively reduce the processing time; If there is a slope and it is an integer, the slope knife shall be used for machining.

(3) Reverse milling shall be selected for materials with high hardness; For materials with low hardness, forward milling shall be selected; Finish machining adopts reverse milling and finish machining adopts forward milling.

(4) The tool has good toughness and low hardness, which is suitable for rough machining; The tool has poor toughness and high hardness, which is suitable for finishing.

2. Problems needing attention in clamping and fixture selection of mechanical parts

(1) The clamping method of mechanical parts processing should reasonably select the positioning datum and clamping scheme. When we choose our benchmark, we should follow the two principles of "benchmark unification" and "benchmark coincidence".

(2) All surface processing shall be completed in positioning and clamping at one time as far as possible. Therefore, it is necessary to select the positioning mode that is easy for all surfaces of the workpiece to be processed.

(3) When determining the position of the workpiece on the workbench, the influence of the machining of each position, the length of the tool and the stiffness of the tool on the machining quality must be considered.

(4) For the fixture used in machining, the fixture assembled by general parts and adjustable shall be selected as far as possible, which can effectively shorten the production preparation cycle.

3. Problems needing attention in arranging machining sequence

(1) The basic principles of "face before hole" and "coarse before fine" must be followed in arranging the machining sequence.

(2) Determine the tool point and tool change point. Once determined, it is not suitable for replacement.

(3) Processing according to the centralized process of tools can better avoid the repeated use of the same tool and reduce the times and time of tool replacement.

(4) For the hole system with very high coaxiality requirements, the hole system at other coordinate positions shall be processed after all the processing of the hole system is completed after one positioning, which can effectively eliminate the error caused by repeated positioning and improve the coaxiality of the hole system.