Shandong Handemo Technology Co.,Ltd


Handemo Technology Co.,Ltd forms one of the largest machine tool distribution networks in China. We provide quality CNC products, reliable service and applications, by providing an experienced staff with expert levels of knowledge on any machine we sell along with an extensive inventory of replacement parts to give you maximum up time. Our mission is to help manufacturers maintain a competitive advantage in the world economy by improving productivity. Simply stated, we help you do more, with less.

Handemo has four predominate advantages over its competitors:


• State of art machining setup to ensure precision in product.

• Our Machine Tool Division, established in 2006, manufacturers CNC Machining Center, CNC lathes, and CNC milling and for wide range of industries.

• Service and training help customers optimize productivity and maintain superlative quality.


• We keep abreast of Technology worldwide and invest strategically to ensure our manufacturing facilities are top of the line.

• We focus on research and development activities which underscores our commitment to innovative technology and continuous pgradation of technology to insure top of the line manufacturing facilities.


• Our strength lies in the involvement of a committed team, through motivation & training. Continuous motivation and training, maintains the team to dynamic market requirements & responsive to customer needs.


• Highly trained team of professional service engineers available 365days to support after-sale services for our customers.